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Excalibots Game Trailer | MooseBear

Excalibots Game Trailer | MooseBear

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Excalibots is a 3D isometric hack’n’slash game in which you play as Percy, the sword obsessed knight, and fight off hordes of enemies in order to defend the kingdom and collect quirky and powerful swords to aid you in combat!


This is a student game project I anticipated as a Technical Environment Artist through September 2018 to December 2019.

My main responsibility was to create set dressing assets, custom materials and tiling textures.

In addition, I developed a few tools for artists and designers to accelerate their workflow, such as the Stylized Cliff Creation Tool and the Spline Mesh Blueprint.

The lighting was done by our amazing Environment & Lighting Artist: Carmel Kho.

The house and tree concepts were done by our awesome Art Director: Kait Baird.

Below are the links for the details of the tools.

The Game is published on Steam for free, and you are welcome to join the adventure with Percy!

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